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$ 649.95 


THE BLACK ECU starts as an OEM Honda ECU. KAIZENSPEED machines the USB Port, rigid powdercoats the case matte black, and installs the Hondata S300. All ECU’s are tested for complete functionality before shipment.

For the first time, you can simply pick up the phone and get an ECU with Hondata S300 professionally installed with no hassle of finding a reliable installer.

-THE BLACK ECU is 100% tested, on the shelf and ready to ship by the dozen...with world class support.

-OEM ECU with Hondata S300 professionally installed by KAIZENSPEED (replaces your ECU)

-Basemap library included

-Powdercoated matte black for the cleanest appearance

-These are IN STOCK and ship right away

-100% tested for functionality before and after socketing

- ALL ECU’s are capable of running any OBD1 four-cylinder Honda engine

-We offer email tech support and will gladly answer any questions

-We guarantee THE BLACK ECU to be fully functioning on delivery

-THE BLACK ECU is compatible with:
88-00 Honda Civic
90-01 Acura Integra
92-01 Honda Prelude
90-02 Honda Accord


Connecting the Hondata S300 V3 to your Smartphone

*Disclaimer: If you need special functions like boost control or 4 wire O2 control, Knock or IAB’s you can request it at the time of order. We will provide it at no additional charge if it is available. Most users don’t use the special functions listed. THE BLACK ECU is an OEM Honda ECU that is tested and every step is taken to ensure proper functionality. All units are tested and proven 100% functional before shipping.

* KAIZENSPEED supports our customers before and after the sale. If you have questions please call or email.