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Rear Trailing Arm and Staging Brakes

Rear Trailing Arm and Staging Brakes

$ 1,699.99


Rear Trailing Arms with Staging Brakes




We’re proud to announce the release of our newest product for Honda drag racers: The Rear Trailing Arm with Staging Brakes kit. This kit serves to reduce weight in the most important area of a race car while maintaining the use of your OEM shock and lower control arm.  It features an adjustable wheelbase with a design optimized for lowered cars. This is the necessary next step for FWD Honda Drag Racers. It completely replaces the entire rear trailing arm assembly for 94-00 Integra, and 88-00 Civic/CRX and allows for an extended wheelbase up to two inches while reducing weight by over 50 pounds!




Product Features:




50 lbs lighter than stock




Extends the wheelbase up to 2” (adjustable)




Maintains the use of OEM shock and lower control arm.




Toe adjustment and camber adjustment built-in




Lightweight steel rotors less than .200” thick




Rear speed sensor enabled




Available in 5 lug




Made entirely from Chromoly and aluminum for the best strength/weight ratio





Each kit includes: A set of rear trailing arms with lightweight spindle, lightweight brake rotors, brake calipers, brake pads, stainless brake lines, toe adjuster, camber adjuster, and all necessary hardware! Ready to bolt on.





-Rear wheel speed sensor bracket for use with ABS Sensor

-Rear wheel speed sensor bracket for use with Hall-effect sensor

-Dummy Toe Brackets (for classes requiring the use of all suspension mounting points)



Installation Instructions!



Performance and Racing parts disclaimer:








This product is for OFFROAD USE ONLY!




* It is 100% your responsibility as the installer or user to ensure that the functionality of this product is satisfactory for the application.




IMPROPER USE MAY LEAD TO ACCIDENTS RESULTING IN PROPERTY DAMAGE, SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. IF YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO MAKE A DETERMINATION REGARDING THE SUITABILITY OF A COMPONENT, SEEK THE ADVICE OF A COMPETENT ENGINEER. If you cannot be certain that the component sold by KAIZENSPEED LLC is suitable for your intended application, you may return it in new condition, and in the original packaging, for a complete refund. Because the end user makes the sole determination of suitability for its application, KAIZENSPEED LLC, makes no recommendation or warranty, express or implied, as to merchantability, suitability for any purpose or longevity or safety. BECAUSE THE RACING ENVIRONMENT OFTEN EXPOSES VEHICLES TO STRESSES WHICH ARE NOT FORESEEABLE AND WHICH CAN EXCEED THE ABILITY OF ANY COMPONENT TO SURVIVE, THE END USER ASSUMES ALL RISK OF PROPERTY DAMAGE, INJURY OR DEATH WHICH MIGHT RESULT EVEN IF COMPONENTS ARE INSTALLED IN COMPLIANCE WITH ALL SPECIFICATIONS.









All performance or racing components must be inspected regularly for wear. It’s a good habit to inspect all components regularly, especially critical components such as brakes, tires, and suspension. Often times a catastrophic problem can be avoided by thorough attention to detail.





What cars does this fit?Civic from 1988-2000 including CRX, Civic coupe and sedan. Integra from 1990-2001 including DA, Integra coupe and sedan.

What is included in the kit?We include everything you need to drive your car into the shop, and leave with a fully functioning new rear suspension and brakes.


-Stainless steel brake lines and fittings that attach to your factory hard lines in the rear wheel well.

-Super thin rear rotors

-Lightweight rear calipers

-Complete rear trailing arms with camber and toe adjustment.

-All new bolts even including OEM Honda bolts to attach the brackets to the unibody

-OPTION: Speed Sensor Bracket Option 1: Speed sensor bracket ABS

-OPTION: Speed Sensor Bracket Option 2: Speed sensor bracket Hall

-OPTION: Dummy Toe Bracket Option: For class rules requiring “All suspension mounting points be used”

Do you have a 5 lug option?Yes.

Do I need a camber kit?No. Camber adjustment is a part of the KAIZENSPEED Rear Trailing Arm assembly and has 8 degrees of total adjustability.

I already have a staging brake handle…Good! This kit is designed to be used with hydraulic brakes and it will work with any hydraulic brake handle.  

Can this kit work with my factory E-brake?No. The calipers included in the Rear Trailing Arm Kit only work with hydraulic brakes. They don't have a provision for e-brake cables.BUT, you can use any hydraulic e-brake such as the K-sport one that has a latch to keep the brake applied when the car is in the trailer or otherwise.

My car has drum brakes, will this fit?Yes, it will bolt up to disc brake or drum brake cars. *BUT if your car has factory drum brakes you’ll need to purchase hubs off of a disc-brake car. We sell the correct hubs or they can be purchased from any auto parts store or from a salvage yard (or off your buddies’ car). The kit needs the hub off of a car that had stock disc-brakes. It can be easily unbolted from your stock rear arms. Then your hub slides right on to your new KAIZENSPEED Rear Trailing Arms.

Can I use this kit for daily driving?We recommend that this kit be used for offroad use only and inspected regularly. In a racing environment all aspects of the car are inspected regularly for the utmost in safety.The Rear Trailing Arms are made from the highest quality components and processes. We use only TIG welding process, and every individual component is welded in a fixture to maintain tight tolerances. Each component of the KAIZENSPEED Rear Trailing Arm kit is designed for the highest strength to weigh ratio that we are capable of producing.

Can I use this kit for Road Racing?The kit was designed for an extended wheelbase for drag racing use only. It has not been tested and therefore is not endorsed for use in other forms of driving or racing. Please contact us to discuss further. Email:

What about the lower control arm angle?The Rear Trailing Arms were designed to achieve a straight lower control arm (LCA) when the wheelbase was extended ¾”. It is possible to have standard wheelbase or extend the wheelbase as much as 2” beyond stock. This is accomplished by bushing deflection.This can also be accomplished with an LCA that has spherical bearings installed. We sell LCA’s that have spherical bearings in place of bushings.

Does this kit allow for a rear speed sensor?Yes, we have TWO DIFFERENT speed sensor options.Speed sensor option 1: We have a bracket that uses the factory ABS sensor and counts the teeth that are already a part of your ABS equipped rear-hub.Speed sensor option 2: We have a bracket that uses a Hall-Effect sensor and counts the back of the lug stud.

If I use the ABS sensor do I need a signal converter to input the signal to my ECU?This depends on what ECU you are using:Most modern ECU’s require a digital signal. The ABS sensor output is AC and will require a signal converter. We have used MSD signal converter part# 8509 with great success.

Does this work with Traction Control?Yes. Both sensor options work with traction control. If you are using Hondata Traction Control then you will need the ABS Sensor Bracket and an ABS sensor.If you are using an aftermarket ECU such as AEM, Motec, Haltech, or an NLR boost controller then you can use either the ABS or Hall-Effect bracket (sensor sold separately). *When using the he ABS Sensor with the above ECU’s you’ll need MSD signal converter part# 8509