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H22 Race Engine Builder Kit (Bearings, Headstuds, Mainstuds) (55mm)

H22 Race Engine Builder Kit (Bearings, Headstuds, Mainstuds) (55mm)

$ 450.00

The Engine Builder Kit includes:

-ARP Headstuds
-ARP Mainstuds
-ACL Race Series-X complete engine bearing kit with extra oil clearance (Rod bearings, Main bearings, Thrust washers)

Through the process of building and racing countless engines we've found that this combination is as bulletproof as it gets. Whether you're building an All-Motor engine or a 1,000+ horsepower monster, these brands will stand the test of time. Both manufacturers are at the top of their game and we simply combined them into a package to save you time and money.

This is the race builder kit which means that it includes Race Series ACL engine bearings with extra oil clearance. The race builder kit can support the highest horsepower and offer long-term reliability. ACL supplies OEM manufacturers and their products are manufactured to the highest standards. We have used ACL engine bearings in engines with hundreds of thousands of miles and engines with over 1,000 horsepower (race series used in high-horsepower applications).

ARP Headstuds and mainstuds will support well in excess of 1,000 horsepower and can be torqued more than once. Stock headbolts must be replaced after being torqued. Stock headbolts cannot be re-used.

*We recommend a line hone after installing ARP Mainstuds.