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Flashpro Reflash

Flashpro Reflash

$ 350.00

A Flashpro reflash takes less than an hour and is an in-and-out procedure. We simply connect our interface to your vehicle, and upload a pre-tuned calibration. Each calibration is optimized specifically for your vehicle. Every vehicle gains a different amount of power, and each calibration has different adjustments.

Generally, the following adjustments are made:

-VTEC crossover is decreased for maximum mid-range torque

-Rev limiter is raised

-Ignition timing is optimized

-Fuel curve is optimized

-Throttle mapping is improved significantly



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  FlashPro Part Number  REFLASH Price
Accord 2008-2010 FP-ACRD-INT $350
Civic 2006-2011 US Civic Si FP-SI-US $350
  2006-2011 US 1.8 Civic FP-R18-US $350

2006+ Mexico Civic Si

FP-SI-US $350

2007+ Central American Civic Si

FP-SI-US $350

2007+ South American Civic Si

FP-SI-US $350
  2007+ European Civic Type R FP-SI-INT $350

2007+ South African Civic Type R

FP-SI-INT $350
  2007+ Japanese FD2 Civic Type R FP-SI-INT $350
  2012+ 2.4l Civic Si FP-2012SI-US $350
S2000 2006-2009 US S2000 FP-S2K-US $350
  2006-2009 Asia S2000 FP-S2K-INT $350
  2006-2009 Europe S2000 FP-S2K-INT $350
TSX 2004-2010 US TSX FP-TSX $350
CR-Z 2010-2012 US CR-Z (MT & CVT) FP-CRZ-US $350
  2010-2011 Euro CR-Z FP-CRZ-INT $350
  2010+ Japan CR-Z (MT & CVT) FP-CRZ-INT $350
Fit 2007-2008 USA and Canada FP-FIT-US $350
ILX 2013 2.4 Acura ILX FP-2012SI-US $350
TL 2004-2008 Acura TL FP-TL-US $350
RDX 2007-2012 Acura RDX Turbo FP-TL-US $350
All Dealer FlashPro FP-DL